two videos featuring Corey and Krista
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Corey - solo guitar
my favorite piece, Corey wrote for this song for his girlfriend Lauren Malandra
they were so in love
Originally recorded March 4, 2007, this song was played on WXPN March 15, 2008  - (dcp)

fugue for booth
Corey - guitar
Corey wrote this for his friend Tara Booth (dcp)

Eye to Eye
Corey - guitar and vocal
other versions of this song are further down this page

short tapping sample
Corey - guitar
a very short sample of Corey's tapping technique - (dcp)

bird with one wing
Corey - guitar
recorded March 15, 2007

Cricket Jam
Corey - guitar
the crickets are real, Corey decided to make some music with them - (dcp)

Kaki King Jam
Corey - solo guitar
a remnant of a Kaki King composition,  recorded by Corey
on February 25, 2007 (dcp)

Night After Sidewalk
Corey - solo guitar
this is a Kaki King composition, beautifully recorded by Corey here
on February 25, 2007 (dcp)

Corey Echo Guitar
Corey -  all guitar tracks
Corey creates a rhythmical accompanying track, adding a solo on the second track (dcp)

Corey tapping improv
Corey - solo guitar
Corey explored and was excelling at the two-handed tapping guitar technique
recorded March 7, 2007(dcp)

Jake's Song
Corey - guitar

Corey - guitar with loopback

Corey - solo guitar
I wrote this song, but Corey did this funky version that he and I used to jam on frequently
recorded July 6, 2006 - (dcp)

Zombie Girlfriend
Corey -  guitar and vocal
your guess is as good as mine - (dcp)

The Last Song
Corey - solo guitar
this is Corey's solo part to a piece co-written with sister Krista
the recording above is the very last piece Corey recorded at my place in January 2008 - (dcp)

Corey - guitar and vocal
he was very shy singing, this song floors me now that he's in Heaven - (dcp)

Corey - guitar and drums

Corey - synthesizers

Corey - guitars
Chad - drums

Corey - drums
Phatboislim - vocals
Dennis Parrish - guitars, using loopback

mystery brethren
((Mice Parade cover song)
Corey - guitars and drums

Corey - guitars
  Dylan - drums

Update September 20 2008
More recorded songs from Corey have been found from
an old Macantosh computer I used in 2005

whether or never
Corey - guitar

eye to eye - version 2
Corey - guitar and vocal

fugue for booth
Corey - guitar

its alright don't cry
Corey - guitar and vocal
recorded September 17 2005

Corey and I would sometimes just turn on the recorder and jam with nothing particular in mind, one of us would just start playing,
the other would join in and we'd see where it would take us
all jams are believed to have been recorded sometime in 2005

jam one - duration 12:58
Corey - guitar
Dennis - guitar

jam two - duration 19:00
Corey - guitar
Dennis - guitar

jam three - duration 24:16
Corey - guitar
Dennis - guitar

jam four - duration 20:08
Corey - guitar
Dennis - guitar

music found September 24 2008
Untitled, take one- March 9  2003
Corey - electric guitar
Corey was 16 years old

music found October 10 2008
DreamScape One - (unfinished)
Corey - Yamaha Motif ES8 synthesizer
this is from October 29 2006

two videos added October 29 2008
Understand Me Please
wirriten by Krista Parrish
Krista - guitar, vocal
Corey - guitar

Whether or Never
wirriten by Corey Parrish
Krista - guitar, vocal
Corey - guitar

music found December 12, 2009
Untitled, take two- March 15  2003

Eye To Eye
Corey wrote this song.  This particular live performance is  the Krista Parrish Band
recorded at Puck Live March 28, 2008.  I found a 20 second segemnt of Corey's recording of this
from last year, only the very ending, which I spliced into this song, so you will hear Corey at the end - (dcp)
Krista Parrish - guitar and vocal
 Lauren Malandra - guitar and vocal
Corey Parrish - guitar and vocal at end of song
Steve Murphy - guitar
Chad Brown - drums
Dennis Parrish - bass