the piece playing in the background is Corey improvising on solo guitar
recorded March 4 2007

Corey Parrish
1987 - 2008

My brother Corey Parrish was one of a kind if simply put. His passion for music, songwriting and playing was contagious at times. You couldn't help but want to jam with him knowing he would take your ears to a place you'd never been and would always want to return to. Growing up in a musical family, it was not long before Corey was asking for a guitar for Christmas or piano lessons. His ear was so advanced that he often figured out songs and music of his liking by himself and eventually grew away from teachers & reading music. As a young boy, Corey's taste in music was quite mature as he loved classical guitarists such as Andrew York and Andreas Segovia, he also could recognize good song composition and took a liking to Burt Bacharach and Ben Folds. Entering his early teenage years, Corey fell in love with the music of Jimi Hendrix and was figuring out songs like Castles Made of Sand and Little Wing entirely by ear. He got into indie bands like the Mars Volta, Broken Social Scene, At the Drive In, Mice Parade & many more. When he discovered Kaki King, her music changed his life and he soon began finger tapping as if he was meant to do it his whole life. He also figured out every song of hers that he wanted to play by ear...songs like “Carmine St.”, “Close Your Eyes & You'll Burst Into Flames”, etc. Corey played “Night After Sidewalk” flawlessly at my wedding as I walked down the aisle. Corey wasn't just a guitarist, he also played drums and piano incredibly well and again he was primarily self taught only having taken two drum lessons and a handful of guitar lessons! He played drums in a few different bands including my band. Corey and I wrote songs together and played together often. We were two peas in a musical pod and found great inspiration in each other. His mind was a infinite playground for musical thought.

On February 27, 2008, Corey sadly passed away at a ripe age of twenty one. We can only imagine what the future would have held for Corey musically, what amazing compositions were lingering inside of him and ready to be played by him for us to hear and love. Luckily, Corey was a recording junkie! He left behind many home recordings of some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever have the honor of hearing, some of the most thought provoking poetry you’ll ever lay your eyes upon, and some of the most beautiful pictures. Corey’s music can be heard many different places on the internet such as his official website:, his myspaces: & & 
---- Krista Parrish ----

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