Lauren and Corey remain soul mates and had been practically inseparable since they met in late 2006, sharing their love
for music, guitar, and good times.  Corey influenced Lauren's playing and she continues to dazzle us with her talent and passion.

Lauren recorded the hauntingly beautiful composition.  The title speaks for itslef as she has added a
second guitar part which sounds like Corey playing with her.  Breathtaking !!
Into The Other Side
recorded by Lauren May 6, 2008

Lauren recorded this composition of hers at my place.  It is as much a visual as it is an audio since she is using that two-handed tap technique that she continues to excel with.
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Deep In Thought 4am
recorded by Lauren April 12, 2008

  The song below is a composition she wrote for solo guitar entitled "McKee and Me", influenced by Corey and Andy McKee, coupled with Lauren's own innate creativity and guitar skills. (dcp)
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McKee and Me

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Corey and Lauren
December 15, 2007

August 2007

Lauren Malandra