the piece playing in the background is the last song Corey wrote
 entitled "The Last Song"
it is also the last song he recorded in my home just weeks before leaving us

a photo taken by and sent from Ben in Spokane, Washington - a rainbow for Corey
(thanks Ben !)

This poem was written by my longtime friend Stephen Nolan on
the day of Corey's memorial service March 1 2008 - thank you Stephen.



Child of music

Child of the universe

Child of God


Flower in the garden

Pebble in the stream

Whisper in the wind


Echo of our own voices

Shadow of our own reflections


Star in the heavens

that we lift our weary heads

and hope to find --

your light glowing through the darkness

pointing our way home

Thank you Phil Baker, for sending the above image

Dear Faith , Dennis, and  Krista ,
I found these sentiments on a card that I want to pass on  - both on the WEB and through the mail.
Love Lives On - M Winn
                                "Some people's lives can truly make a difference.                                     
 However long or short their lives on earth,
They give the gifts of kindness and caring,
They sow the seeds of friendship and self-worth.
Some people's lives are beautiful examples of putting others first,
and when they're gone, the lives of those they touched
are so much richer, and the love they shared lives on and on."
We know that Corey is in God's arms now.
Cindy Crane Mollis (East Amwell Township School) and family

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to have met you.
We have never met, but I've known your parents for years, and have seen you through their loving eyes.
We have never met, yet I was around when your sister was born, and have heard of your tender soul thru her songs and her words.
We have never met, yet I can feel you thru the beautiful songs that you've written, with both the tenderness and passion of a great composer.
We have never met, yet I could feel your heart as I stood and stand with your loving friends and family.
We all walk this earth but for a short time my friend, and I am proud and honoured to feel as if we Have met,
knowing that we all will sing Together someday soon.
It would also be an honour, if I may sign off now as I would with your sister....
as You're Loving "Uncle" Bill
God Bless you."

April 14, 2007
i'm so sorry to hear about your tragic loss. i know what it's like having been through it before as well. 
corey's music is great. i really like the guitar picking and gentle approach, hes a great writer and seems to have a unique and genuine approach to music. we all send you well-wishes for the coming days, weeks, months... it ain't easy... if you make it to a show sometime come on over and say hello... 
sincerely sorry, 
mice parade