January 20, 2012
Happy 25th Birthday Corey !!

Hello Corey Parrish fans!
Corey spent 21 short years on earth but left us with so many wonderful memories and music.
Officially released May 15, 2010 is this double CD of original music written and performed
by Corey from ages 16 to 21.  You may purchase this CD for $10.00 and 100% of the
proceeds will go to charity.  Click here for purchase info.

part 1

part 2
1. sixteen

1. dance
2. cool jam

2. i am your curiosity
3. spiderman

3. malandra
4. eye to eye

4.  bird with one wing
5. it's alright, don't cry

5. upright
6. whether or never

6. dreamscape 2
7. fugue for booth

7. we got supertouch
8. zombie girlfriend

8. focus
9. dreamscape 1

9. wayo
10. jimini cricket

10. i'm not from here
11. my life in nintendo

11. jake's song
12. dance 9remix)

12. the last song

Corey William Parrish

( aka "Mansion" )
Jan. 20, 1987 - Feb 27, 2008

Corey had a tattoo of  a treble clef  that was accidentally tattooed backwards.  After we said our
goodbye to him following all services, we went right out and got the same treble clef backwards,
in the same spot on our arm, in his honor.  When the idea was suggested, there was no hesitation what so ever,
we happily went for it.  It was a first (and probably only) tattoo for four of us.  We love our tattoos ! - Dennis

Corey, you are forever in my heart, mind and music. We are one. I love you, Krista

(about 5 years old)

Krista and Corey

Corey  plays at Krista's wedding ceremony October 14, 2007

August 12, 2008 (from Krista)
On Tuesday August 12th, I was organizing my new kitchen we had just remodeled. For weeks I had been searching for our refrigerator magnets but had no luck. Our basement was filled with boxes that were filled with random things that hadn't been unpacked yet. It's dark and dingy down there so I would run out of steam quick. Tuesday was different & I wasn't bothered much by it. Even so, I could still not find what I was looking for so I asked for help. I asked my brother Corey out loud if he would please guide me towards these magnets and help me find them as I knew I had packed them with a bunch of pictures of him that were on my old refrigerator. Less then 5 minutes later, I found them! I was so excited and thanked Corey for his help. I began arranging the magnets on the refrigerator and decided to put the magnetic poetry word scattered among the pictures. There are hundreds of word magnets so I knew it would take me a while and I wasn't paying attention to the words at first as I was putting them up. About midway through I got seven words in a row that actually made a sentence and at first I hadn't quite put them in the sentence order, just around each other but as I was putting each on up, I noticed what the sentence said and I couldn't believe my eyes!! It read:  PLEASE ROCK ALWAYS SOME SWEET MUSIC SKIN. I knew instantly that Corey had arranged for me to pick those particular words in that particular order to send me that message. He always called me Skin (it's short for one of my nicknames I've had since I was a baby) and that was the word that really sent chills up my spine. That night Corey came to me in a dream and told me you don't die, you go to another place and that he can come see us when he wants and he even had a code for me to say when I wanted to see him. My dad also dreamt of Corey around the same time on Wednesday morning and he called me to tell me about it and I told him about my dream as well. What a comforting week. I feel like I have my brother back in ways and I know that someday we will be together EYE TO EYE again. Love you Corey XOXOXO!!

February 27, 2009
one year today, hard to believe, harder to accept - thank you for being. - love dad